Collective action and public service have the capacity to rebuild communities. By encouraging young people to be involved in exciting public service projects, we can cultivate the habit of volunteering early on so they can continue to be active members of society in the future.

Marble Tree is a Bay Area nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing more educational resources to underserved or disadvantaged communities. We sell children’s books and donate school supplies to low-income youth. Our goal is to encourage education and equip all students with the necessary tools to be successful in the classroom.

Utilizing our grassroots and grasstops organizing approach, we partner with other organizations to strategically raise awareness on specific areas of unmet need in low/ zero income communities in urban cities. We focus on creating long-lasting and sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life for these penurious populations. Our aim is to branch out and equip the community with the essential fundamentals to attain a higher education.



We are a student initiated, student led nonprofit organization.

Marble Tree — Encouraging education